The prepaid expert Jeff Johnson joins the DataSeers Board

Highly recognized prepaid expert Jeff Johnson joins the DataSeers Board of Directors. His addition is essential to helping DataSeers transform the industry.
Prepaid expert Jeff Johnson

A highly recognized prepaid expert Jeff Johnson is the latest addition to the DataSeers Board of Directors. He joins the team at a time when the company is experiencing tremendous growth. His addition brings a level of knowledge and expertise essential to helping the company transform the industry.

“We are excited to have Jeff on our Board of Directors. Jeff has always been a friend and supporter of what we are doing at DataSeers. He has tremendous experience in the prepaid market and DataSeers will benefit immensely from it,” commented the CEO and Chief Seer of DataSeers, Adwait Joshi.

The prepaid expert Jeff Johnson brings 20 years of expertise

Most recently, Johnson worked as Senior Vice President for Commercial Prepaid at Netspend. There he was responsible for the B2B2C product set.  Prior to Netspend, Johnson held positions with Card Compliant as Chief Revenue Officer and First Data (Fiserv) as Senior Vice President of Prepaid Solutions. He has also served on the Board of the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association (now the Innovative Payments Association).

Throughout his career, he has worked to innovate products, expand revenue, and manage costs while maintaining strong industry relationships. His professional history and knowledge base make him a welcomed new Board member.

“I am excited at the opportunity to join the DataSeer Board and assist in its continued growth,” commented Johnson.

The prepaid expert Jeff Johnson joins the DataSeers talented board of dedicated professionals such as John Reed, David Pattillo, Arjuna Chala, and Bill Franks.

During this pandemic, DataSeers has doubled its employee count in the first half of 2020

As the year progresses, the company plans to add more to its offering making FinanSeer® even more valuable to its clients. 

FinanSeer® was designed to be the only solution needed to deal with problems of Reconciliation, Compliance, Fraud, and Analytics. FinanSeer® connects silos, drives insight, and saves money by vendor and data consolidation. Data in the payments industry has grown tremendously and international experts have identified the importance of making an organization data centric. DataSeers is exactly doing that, it turns your data from an expense to an asset.