Taming the Data Demon

The future of digital payments is the New Frontier; the financial world’s Wild, Wild, West.  What lies beyond is exciting, new, and adventurous, but the underlying truth is the fear that comes with The Unknown. 

The industry is growing.  Every year sees new and disruptive innovation.  Payments and the means from which they originate get faster; the transactions themselves get easier.  But what happens on the backend has ...

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DataSeers: Taming the Data Demon

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In the past few years, the banking and payments industry has seen disruptive innovation. Payments have become both faster and simpler. On the other hand, traditional business functions are still based on outdated technologies that cannot necessarily handle the extreme data complexity of today’s payments space. With the volume, variety, and velocity level at which this data floods in, payment companies and banks that can’t competently handle it face a real danger of fraud losses, ...

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Big Data Analytics Advance Sutton Bank Forward

Sutton Bank is an FDIC-regulated, Ohio state-chartered bank. They have been in the payment business about 20 years, specifically in the prepaid space. 


Sutton initially identified three areas where they wanted to see improvement:

  • Increasing the speed at which new client data was added to the system
  • Improved fraud reporting and regulatory compliance
  • Greater flexibility and expanded choices for data end-users

Because Lewis ( Jeff Lewis, Senior Vice President of Payments and Prepaid Card Services at Sutton Bank ) had ...

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