For FinTechs

The Solution for FinTechs


Fintech companies, including payments companies, FX companies, card issuers, etc. have long struggled to tame their Data Demon. With payments now faster and more available than ever before, combating the complexity of these transactions requires an advanced and accurate approach. FinanSeer®, the first multichannel data solution for the fintech industry provides modules focused on Compliance, Reconciliation, Fraud, and Analytics to keep FinTech's’ accounts balanced, compliant with the latest rules, less susceptible to fraud, and able to utilize their data to reduce churn and increase revenue. IdentitySeer provides an onboarding engine, for KYC and KYB, to stop fraudsters before they can start. NACHASeer allows fintech companies to originate ACH transactions.


Do You Need Reliable Data Management?

If properly managed, a company’s data can be its greatest asset. It will shape decisions and protect value. However, companies need to focus on customer service, sales efforts, products, and much more, not on data trustworthiness. DataSeers’ AI-driven all-in-one data solution for FinTech was designed to take that weight off their shoulders.

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Looking for a Trusted Data Partner?

The DataSeers FinanSeer® solution works as an all-in-one data partner. It performs all back-office payment transaction monitoring, sequestering analytical data into one location. Then, this valuable data can be leveraged to answer previously unanswerable questions and provide key strategic insights.

How DataSeers Helps FinTechs Thrive

Whether a remittance company, an e-wallet with a loadable card, or any number of other ingenious fintechs within the payments industry, DataSeers is the data partner of choice. The FinanSeer® platform offers fast and reliable data management for fintech companies. It reconciles data, preforms round-the-clock compliance and fraud checks, and provides a holistic view of data analytics.