Detect and Prevent Fraud

With fraud on the rise, equip your organization with cutting-edge AI-powered fraud prevention across various channels such as Cards, ACH, FedNow, RTP, Checks, Wires, Account Takeovers, Scams, Enumeration Attacks, etc.

Are You Staying Ahead of Fraud?

Spot and Prevent Suspicious Activities with FraudSeer

FraudSeer offers comprehensive fraud detection for banks and payments. FraudSeer utilizes a self-learning, artificial intelligence engine to detect anomalies in consumer behavior and money movement. FraudSeer flags potentially fraudulent activities, blacklisting bad actors, and constantly preparing for the next areas they will target. 

Level-Up Your Fraud Prevention with

AI-Powered Fraud Prevention

FraudSeer is a hybrid Machine Learning and rule-based engine that detects anomalies in transactions and predicts fraud. The FraudSeer fraud detection algorithms can identify risks associated with human trafficking, money laundering, and other financial crimes and can pick up complex patterns that humans typically can’t. Fraudsters use AI, so why shouldn’t financial institutions and fintechs?

Anomaly Detection


Merchandise Return Fraud

Stolen Identities Fraud

Unusual Activity

Continuous, Reliable Detection

Fraud never rests, but neither does FraudSeer. Its algorithms run 24/7 and allow risk managers to stay a step ahead of financial crime.  With DataSeers’ financial fraud detection software, you can identify potentially fraudulent activity, create and maintain watchlists, investigate, and report your findings from one location.  The DataSeers Machine Learning algorithms build a finely tuned machine that finds suspect behavior fast, giving you peace of mind.

Money Theft

FraudSeer focuses on those trying to steal money, rather than use it in illegal ways. It identifies those trying to defraud the issuers of PPP loans, steals identities, or synthetically establish identities, so-called “friendly fraud,” and of course the simple fraud of an unethical company being paid for goods or services it doesn’t deliver. And this is just the beginning, there’s much more to FraudSeer.

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