DataSeers is an Atlanta-based FinTech operating in the banking and payments space. Our AI-enhanced platform allows your organization to make sense out of its vast amounts of segregated and siloed data. FinanSeer provides thorough and actionable intelligence by operating a full suite of business verticals for payments: Reconciliation, Compliance, Fraud, and Analytics.


We have created a one-of-a-kind platform to assist you with all of your compliance, reconciliation, fraud prevention, and analytics needs. Why use multiple service providers when you can have all of your data needs in one location?


Our platform is a result of extensive researchknowledge, and hard work. We are incredibly proud of our solution and continue to work every day to keep FinanSeer the ideal data-intel provider. We strive to help you thrive. 


Incredibly user-friendly, everything you need is provided and built-in!For your convenience and security, FinanSeer® can sit safely behind your own firewall. Can’t self-host?  We’ll host it for you in our own data center! 

Meet the DataSeers Team
Chief Seer

Adwait Joshi

Adwait, as his name suggests is a truly unique individual. The Adwaita philosophy by the world guru Adi Shankaracharya, defines Adwait as a non-dual (no one like him exists in this universe), this is especially true if you know Adwait, his creativity, passion and personality is quite addictive and makes a long-lasting impression on anyone who crosses paths with him.

Adwait was not only a straight-A student in school but was always interested in business opportunities, from simple projects like collecting a group of kids from the neighborhood and building lanterns to setting up a sugarcane juice stand, he was always the leader. When he was 15 years old he won a scholarship and learned C++. This exposure made him start his first company at the age of 15, AD’s Computers, was extremely profitable and paved a path for Adwait’s future; not only giving him the right exposure but also making enough money to pay for his education. While at University at Buffalo, Adwait’s thesis on Visualization Techniques for Anthropometric Data made the concept of Universal Design easy and became a very important part of UB’s research for the next 10+ years. One might say Adwait has a Midas touch because whatever he touches turns into gold. Just out of a passion for music he started a 501c3 in 2004 which has grown to be the largest resource for Indian Music on the entire Internet. Under his leadership, this organization has created a strong platform with 40,000 registered members from 140 countries.

Adwait’s IT career in the US began with Fisher Price where he spent his summer creating tools for mechanical engineers to speed up the design of toys and he was successful in automating a lot of trivial tasks. He then went on to work at Intel where he was given a challenge that had not been solved before, migrating a 3d visualization software to a 64-bit architecture. He not only took that challenge but strenuously worked towards finishing the project and won an award for doing it 4 weeks ahead of schedule. That’s when Adwait found his passion for IT, and it was simple to create solutions to automate tedious manual processes.  He believes in the philosophy of complex problems can be solved with simple solutions. For more than a decade now, Adwait has been working with various verticals solving their Data problems. He has tremendous expertise in big data and analytics. After a successful exit in 2016, he is back in the startup mode. His latest venture DataSeers, is a startup focused on RegTech and helping FinTech companies with Reconciliation, Compliance, Fraud, and Analytics. The product has been so majorly successful that within the first year the company is already profitable and winning awards. LexisNexis recently awarded DataSeers an Award for creating a truly unique solution in the market space that uses HPCC Technology.

Chief Operations Officer

Gracie Ortiz

Gracie Ortiz is the VP of Operations at DataSeers. She brings a wealth of knowledge in the industry including over fifteen years of sales management and twelve years of program management. Gracie also brings an additional nine years working in global markets to implement sales and program management. Gracie brings a diverse background having been recruited by Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC)out of University to provision Oracle implementations and program management for diverse fortune 500 companies such as; UPS, BellSouth and SAS institute. In this stead she was recognized as a top performer from the Global Chairman of PwC. She continued her career path working with a number of companies until Adwait Joshi recruited her for her present position.

Gracie has been in the Know Your Customer, Know your business industry for over three years in a number of silos. Her primary focus has been on international business where she has developed strong relationships in the GCC and the far East. Gracie is a passionate advocate for the Colon Cancer Council and serves on the Policy Committee Board. Gracie is a graduate of Florida State University where she received a Management Information Systems Degree. She also received a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business. Gracie also holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

VP of Engineering

Gurjot Kaur Bandasha

“What you do today defines what you will be tomorrow” has been the driving force for Gurjot.  After completing her Bachelors, she worked in the banking sector for about 1.5 years. Though it was a short tenure, her extraordinary abilities of technical delivery and intellect fetched her a “Star Performer Award”.

Gurjot always had the zeal and desire to learn, grow and excel in not just her domain of work, but in a broader spectrum of the IT landscape. Following her dreams and ambition, she went ahead and pursued her Masters’ degree in Computer Science. This was one of her crucial career milestones that marked the beginning of her scintillating IT Career in the US.

Post her graduation, she embarked on her first full time engagement with a startup – ‘MTS’ as a Database developer. She was a lone warrior in her firm wherein even without the required guidance or path-setting from a mentor, she strived and set her own growth path, envisioning where she wants to be after a decade. The MTS leadership appreciated her for expert handling and delivery of a critical and time-sensitive project that went on to generate notable revenue and credibility for the firm. In simple words, she is one of her kind who make their own fortune by endless commitment, hard work, persistence to succeed, and most importantly, a never-give-up attitude.

As the next step of advancement, she took up a golden opportunity and teamed up with DataSeers, where she is getting to work with esteemed masterminds such as Mr. Joshi (Adwait)

At DataSeers, she has continuously been shifting gears and working in multiple capacities, contributing immensely towards the firm’s initiatives and engagements. She absorbed the learning curve in a short span and making strides being a big data developer in ECL and gaining momentum on HPCC Systems platform.

With the pace of learning and grasping abilities that she showcased since the start of her professional career, she has today worked her way up to the ability of managing projects and teams and successful in-time delivery. She received notes of appreciation from her clients that stand as milestones to her impeccable work ethic.

Learning is a never-ending process in life. She respects it and aims to continue learning and acquiring further more capabilities, credentials, valuable technology knowledge, and ultimately, the wisdom to life a complete life. Knowledge is power!


David Pattillo

David Pattillo has led companies through international expansions and successful IPOs on both the U.S. and London Stock Exchanges. Currently, David is a Board Member/Audit Committee Chair at Endava (NYSE: DAVA), a London-based IT services company with more than 8,800 employees and multiple offices throughout Europe, as well as North and South America. Endava completed an IPO on the NYSE in 2018 and has a market cap of over $8 Billion. Previously, he has been CFO for three different companies which transitioned from private-to-public under his financial leadership. David holds an MBA from the University of Georgia and a BS from Clemson University.


Arjuna Chala


Bill Franks

Bill Franks is Chief Analytics Officer for The International Institute For Analytics (IIA), where he provides perspective on trends in the analytics, AI, & big data space and helps clients understand how IIA can support their efforts to improve analytics performance. Franks is also the author of the books Taming The Big Data Tidal Wave and The Analytics Revolution. He is a sought after speaker and frequent blogger who has been ranked a top global big data influencer, a top global artificial intelligence and big data influencer, a top AI influencer, and was an inaugural inductee into the Analytics Hall of Fame. His work, including several years as Chief Analytics Officer for Teradata (NYSE:TDC), has spanned clients in a variety of industries for companies ranging in size from Fortune 100 companies to small non-profit organizations.  You can learn more about Bill at

Board Member

John A. Reed

John A. Reed served from July 1, 2013 to November 8, 2019 as the Global Chief Information Officer for FLEETCOR Technologies Inc. In his CIO role, Mr. Reed was responsible for all aspects of product development, system development, global infrastructure, acquisition integration, IT operations, information security, communications, contracts, and IT finances.

From 2009 to 2013, Mr. Reed served as Chief Architect for First Data with responsibility for application R&D, company-wide business Intelligence and Big Data management and creating a world-class architecture as a service organization spanning First Data global locations.

Prior to 2009, he served as in various senior technology leadership roles for Unisys, Zurich Financial, Bank of America, and MBNA.  From 1997 to 2000, he was the President and Managing Director for Business Innovations Inc., a financial services technology consulting company.


Board Member

Jeff Johnson

Board Member

Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis has over 20 years of Payment Industry experience and knowledge in Networks, card processing, payment processing and program management disciplines. He has worked at InComm, Discover, FIS and Metavante with a strong background in technology, regulatory and payment processing.


IT Manager

Naveen Velumani

Naveen Velumani is a vibrant and enthusiastic person who likes to learn and implement new things in his life and work.  He has an Information Technology master’s degree to his name from Illinois’ Institute of Technology Chicago.  As soon as he graduated he got an opportunity to work with Dataseer’s as a short-term intern.  He quickly proved his value and secured himself a full-time position with the company as a BIG Data Developer.  The team fondly refers to him as “Thambi”  (a word meaning “younger brother” in the India-based Tamil language).  He created a large majority of the reports that run through the FinanSeer appliance every day for our clients.  He is the go-to man for Linux scripts and has automated all processes to set up a cluster and secure it for Dataseer’s.  His zest to learn new things makes his life more interesting, happier and occupied.

System Engineer

Michael Renner

Michael Renner is a Network Engineering Intern at DataSeers. Michael is a recent 2020 graduate of the University of North Georgia with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. More specifically, Michael studied Computer Information Systems and Information Security due to an interest in understanding the value of data management and security in the business world. He has primarily academic experience in class projects and work experience in retail. Academic projects were database and website building according to stated needs of example businesses. He hopes to work toward gaining more experience in his field of interest at DataSeers. He still has much to learn, but he is more than willing to learn what is expected at the professional level.
Network Engineer

Neha Rajendra Jawale

Personally, the quote “We don’t heal in isolation but in connection” have always inspired and helped me. Technologically, to see world getting closer together and establishing a global mindset always aspire me to learn and grow in the Networking field. Having a Master’s degree focused on the same domain and being a CCNA certified professional, I am extremely geared to be a part of the industry.

Data Analyst

Nisarg Bhatt

Nisarg Bhatt is driven by the very idea of creating an impact by coming up with potential solutions and implementing them which could drive the industry forward. Nisarg has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering and Master’s in Data Analytics, with major focus in Statistical Modelling. Being fortunate enough to have worked with various industries, Nisarg is equipped with a wide and diverse set of analytical skill base. He is passionate about Programming, Chess, Soccer, Hiking and Anime.

Data Scientist

Dhayabaran Ponsingh

‘Adaptation is the cornerstone to evolution’ has always been the driving force behind Dhayabaran. Fondly referred to as ‘Dhaya’, he is a data scientist who firmly believes that in this technology-driven world, great things could be achieved by working with data and the possibilities are endless. Dhaya has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Industrial engineering with a major focus in operations research, statistics, machine learning, and deep learning.

While pursuing his master’s degree, Dhaya was a researcher in the Illinois Geometry Lab (IGL) where he worked on pattern recognition in large traffic/parking datasets using matrix factorization algorithms. His internship at Inference analytics was his breakthrough into the professional world of data science. He worked on modeling and classifying radiology reports through classic NLP and ML models. After this brief stint, he joined Dataseers Inc. as a full-time Data Scientist. His current work includes research and building models for anti-money laundering, fraud detection, and pattern recognition in bank transactions.

He’s a huge soccer fan (KTBFFH), loves rock/metal music and likes watching cooking TV shows.

ETL Developer

Vannel Zeufack

Vannel Zeufack is a computer passionate whose dream is to see technology at the service of every human being. He enjoys learning, improving, and tackling challenging problems. In Fall 2020, he graduated with a Master of Science in Computer Science from Kennesaw State University. Through his curricular programs and internships at RELX Inc., he got exposed to both full stack development and data analytics. Being attracted by FinanSeer, the definitive solution to banking and fintech data issues, he is now an ETL developer at DataSeers.

ETL Developer

Manu Agarwal

Data Analyst

Vishnu Pratheek Challa

I have completed my bachelors in mechanical engineering at Vellore institute of Technology India. During this period, I have interned at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited as Supply Chain Analyst Intern where I worked on demand forecasting. After that I have pursued my plans of pursuing a masters degree. I have recently graduated from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with my master’s in industrial engineering – Advanced Analytics. My specialization is in developing Machine Learning and Deep Learning models for various perception applications. During my masters I had the opportunity to work at the High Bay facility in UIUC where I had the chance to develop and deploy models on autonomous vehicles. In my free time I follow sports (Cricket, Basketball) and I like to travel.
Director of Compliance

Felix Kwan

Felix is the Director of Compliance at DataSeers. His legal and compliance experience includes senior positions in the U.S. as well as in Hong Kong and Qatar. He has held regional and local leadership roles at Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, the Federal Home Loan Bank, Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission amongst others. Felix holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Diego, a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from San Diego State University. He is also a graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School and has studied Theology at Oxford University.
Prior to his overseas assignments, Felix obtained the qualifications as Chartered Bank Auditor, Certified Bank Compliance Officer, Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager. He is also a life time member of the Certified Fraud Examiner Association. The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers has designated Felix as a Fellow for his contribution to the banking industry. The Hong Kong government gave Felix a Good Citizen award for his two successful actions in deterring bank fraud.

Operations Manager

Cindy Westbrook

BSA/AML Compliance Manager – Investigation

James Flanagan

James is the BSA AML Compliance Officer at DataSeers.  James previously worked with both the City of Atlanta Police and the Gwinnett County Police Dept.  James has experience with special victims, electronics and financial crimes while working as a detective.  James left law enforcement to work for Wells Fargo Banks external fraud team and after several years, he became a Sr. Internal Investigator, reviewing employee misconduct including policy and regulatory violations, and criminal activity.  James left Wells Fargo for Centennial Bank as a BSA AML Investigator where he one of the banks leaders for fraud investigations and elder exploitation cases.  James comes to DataSeers with a BS in Criminal Justice, a Masters in Business Administration, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist.

BSA AML Officer

Irina Butchko

Irina Butchko was with Wells Fargo Bank for 20 years where she held multiple positions in the Retail Banking, Business Banking, Compliance and Financial Crimes. Her recent job as a financial crimes consultant was to review, research, and write SARS per guidelines. For the past 10 years her focus has been in compliance and fraud. Irina completed her BS in Criminal Justice in 2019.

BSA/AML Officer

Andreas Boberg

Technical Product Specialist

Solomon Selvan

Solomon received his Masters degree in Engineering Management at the Florida Institute of Technology in 2015.  Afterwards, he moved to Anaheim, CA and worked as a PeopleSoft Financials Consultant at CKE Restaurants for 3 years. In a few years, he moved with the same company to Franklin, TN.  He worked for that company another year and a half where he managed the offshore team with production support, gathered business requirements, wrote FDDs and TDDs and more.
With the growing demand for Salesforce in the market, he switched from Peoplesoft to Salesforce to expand his skillset. He got certified as a Salesforce Platform Developer and Salesforce Administrator and worked as a Salesforce developer for 6 months.
Back in his high school days in India, he was a professional tennis player at the Junior level.  He won a bronze medal at the All India Under-18 Tennis Nationals in 2008.
His Interests include fitness and bodybuilding.
His role model is Cristiano Ronaldo as he comes from a humble background and is always the hardest worker in the room.
He loves dogs, listening to Kpop and is a big fan of BTS.

Customer Success Specialist

Rahmad Hawkins

Rahmad is a best-in-class Customer Success Specialist at DataSeers. He has been immersed in client relations for over 10 years using his technical and quality-conscious collaborative skills. Rahmad is known and recognized for his positive interactions with diverse and top-tier clients, as well as with internal colleagues. His care and commitment fuel his passion for excellence in providing cross-functional solutions to DataSeers clients’ needs and requests. These heartfelt qualities extend to his creative endeavors outside the office to heal, inspire, and uplift people around the world. Raised in a musical family in Buffalo, NY, Rahmad has been in Atlanta, GA making an impact and caring for his family and community since 2005.  “Never let your spark die, never let your fears flourish!”

BSA AML Compliance Officer

Wesley Franklin

Wes has been engaged within Client Relations for over 5 years, using his leadership and technical skills to bring about a best-in-class experience for his customers. He is known for encouraging interactions with both large and small clients while bringing positive engagements with customers and colleagues alike. Wes has a drive for providing compassion and care while striving to provide cross-functional solutions to DataSeers clients’ wants and desires. His skillset extends to endeavors outside of the office with his family and friends, uplifting them in all they do. Raised in Morganton, NC, Wes has been in Atlanta, GA making an impact with his unique ability set since 2016. “Make each day your masterpiece.” -John Wooden

Implementation Business Analyst

Sushmitha Kenkare

“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size” – Albert Einstein

Innate curiosity and immense love for learning has been a major driving force for Sushmitha. She is an enthusiastic, highly-motivated and fast-paced learner who strives to be best at what she does. While working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, she was introduced to the field of Data Science and Analytics. Her fascination towards the subject encouraged her to get a Master’s Degree in Computer Science with specializations in Artificial Intelligence and Databases from the University of Texas at Arlington as a part of which she worked extensively with Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, AI and Machine Learning Algorithms. She joined DataSeers as an Implementation Analyst soon after her graduation.

Sushmitha loves to cook, read books, travel, meet new people and explore new cuisines.

Implementation Business Analyst

Drashti Patel

Implementation Business Analyst

Drishti Gugal

Drishti is a Data Analytics Graduate from Northeastern University. She has always been driven by the fact that availability and proper usage of data can revolutionize an outcome of a certain problem. Drishti has published an IEEE Technical Research Paper on “Encrypted Keyword Search in Cloud Computing using Fuzzy Logic” along with completing Advanced Google Analytics and Tableau Analyst Certifications. She is trained in Classical Music and loves dancing! Drishti is very fond of food, dogs, and games!

Technical Writer

Isabel Araneta

Isabel is an innovative and motivated software and design professional with a proven resourcefulness in specialized work and reliability in solo and team projects under tight deadlines. A demonstrated quick learner, she has a strong history of working in the fintech, web conferencing, enterprise collaboration, and entertainment industry. Combined with her Human-Computer Interaction degree, her path has led her to be part of DataSeers’ definitive AI solution to banking and payments.
Director of Business Development

Richard Cohen

Richard has more than twenty years as a top-ranked institutional stockbroker, fund manager, and investment analyst based in California, Tokyo, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York, and Bangkok. Left the securities industry in 2006 to become an entrepreneur and consultant for more than ten years, mainly focused on real estate and environmentally friendly products and services. Returned to finance, focusing on fintech, first in Thailand and then in Atlanta.


Bachelor of Arts, Economics, University of California Santa Barbara.

Master of Pacific International Affairs, Graduate School of Policy and Strategy, University of California San Diego.

Graduate Research Student, Monbusho Scholarship Recipient, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies


Bicycling, Sustainability, International Relations, Parenting, Education

Business Development

Eric Leland

Eric Leland is a Business Development professional with over a decade of success in SaaS solutions.  A Kennesaw State University graduate, Eric has built his career providing technology-based solutions for the retail and hospitality industries. Eric possesses a deep understanding of his client’s needs and his solution’s capabilities, leading to successful implementations and satisfied clients.

Business Development & Strategic Alliances

Micah Fowler

Micah is passionate business professional with strong ties to the very community that DataSeers calls Home.  Raised in Alpharetta, GA, Micah went through the entirety of her grade schooling only miles from the new DataSeers office on Windward Plaza.  For university, she spent 4 years at Southern Polytechnic State University studying Architecture with a Minor concentration in Spanish before attending Kennesaw State University, earning a BA in World History and Cultures with a Public History Certificate.  Following a passion near and dear to her heart, Micah moved to England to study Conservation of Historic Buildings at the University of Bath, UK, receiving her Masters Degree.  Upon her return to the States, she began her career in management – starting with a program for domestic violence victims.  She then moved on to become the Director of a Main Street Program, an Economic Development Manager for a larger Metro Atlanta city, and a Business Development Manager, before finding a home as the Manager of Business and Product Development at DataSeers.


Bobbie Dimitrova

Bozhana (Bobbie) Dimitrova is a marketing strategist at DataSeers. Bobbie is a dedicated professional with more than 10 years of experience in journalism and digital media. Always expanding her subject knowledge, her writing has allowed her to blossom in a career of broadcasting and online/news media covering a wide spectrum of topics. She has a Bachelors Degree in Bulgarian Philology and Journalism and also holds a degree in Television Production Technology. She also has experience in developing and implementing modern marketing strategies and for popularizing products and startup companies. She has always been passionate about technology and branding, and that’s what attracted her to DataSeers.

Marketing Support Specialist

Tatiana Gyori

Tatiana Gyori has over six years of customer service experience. She strives to provide excellent service to clients in an efficient and professional manner. Tatiana prides herself in strong communication and teamwork. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and checking out new hiking spots.

Executive Assistant

Joo Hee Bennett

Executive Assistant

Amanda Lawrence


Ashok Joshi

Development Manager

Kadasiddha Kullolli

Software Developer

Pradeep Vishwakarma

Software Developer

Prabodh More

Software Developer

Sushant Dhende

Big Data Developer

Hrishikesh Paranjape

Quality Assurance

Arpitha Purohit

Quality Assurance

Jeevanesh Chavathe

Quality Assurance

Sanjay Yadav

Senior Node Developer

Amit Raj

Junior QA Engineer

Rupali Patil

Senior MySQL Administrator

Gagandeep Jhass

Linux System Engineer

Sameer Shinde

Junior Developer

Roma Rai

Junior Developer

Princy Nadar

Junior Developer

Suraj Dahake

Junior Developer

Gaurav Bodare

Junior Developer

Sarath Sasidharan

Junior Developer

Ajay Nadar

Junior Developer

Wajeed Sharief

Junior Developer

Vaibhavi Deo

Human Resources

Nikhil Shinde

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