ACH Monitoring and Reporting

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ACH Processing for Banking and Payments

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ACH Processing for Banking and Payments with NACHASeer. 

NACHASeer offers  a hyper-scale ACH engine designed for banks, credit unions, and fintechs.
Banks wanting to provide ACH services to fintech clients can provide an API to them so they can originate ACH transactions using bank’s routing number. NACHA rules and regulations are already encoded in NACHASeer.

ACH Monitoring and Reporting

A Hyperscale ACH Processing Engine​

ACH originations via API​

ACH splitting for handling multiple programs across processors​

ACH fraud​ - Unemployment​ and Tax​

ACH Name Matching, Velocity monitoring, OFAC checks, etc.​

Park, Review and Reject/Release functionality​

ACH Processing for Banking and Payments

A High-Performance Nacha Splitting Engine

In addition to originating and receiving ACH transfers, NACHASeer is an innovative and high-performance Nacha splitting engine that automates the splitting of ACH reporting. 

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NACHASeer Process

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