Multilayered Analytics for Banks and FinTech

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Organize and Visualize Your Transactional Data with StrataSeer

StrataSeer uses predictive analytics to uncover trends and insights helping with strategy, understanding clientele, and mitigating risk. Visualize this actionable data on preconfigured or custom dashboards. 

StrataSeer helps minimize churn while increasing revenues through propensity and churn models.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with

Multi-Dimensional Predictive Analytics

StrataSeer is a multi-dimensional predictive analytics engine that provides real-time dashboards to visualize the What, When, and Where transactional data provides. Hundreds of customizable data analytics dashboards help you plan strategy, understand the clientele, and mitigate risk.

Searchable Data

Single Pane Of Glass View

Bulk Extraction

Ad Hoc Reporting

Customizable Dashboards



Holistic Data Reports

Reports are great, but visualizations are the best way to communicate a point quickly and easily. StrataSeer provides countless dashboard visualizations. View details on locations, patterns, activity, and more. Dashboards are completely customizable, providing valuable insights on demographic, geographic, and countless other trends.

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