An Artificially Intelligent Platform for Banking and Payments

FinanSeer is a data platform designed to ingest your payments data (both structured and unstructured) from any source, at any volume, and any velocity.  Made up of four powerful modules known as “Seers” working in parallel, this platform has all of your payments data needs covered!  Everything from the daily generation of reports to the complex task of scoring transactions and accounts based on different anomaly detection algorithms, they do it all! FinanSeer is fundamentally flexible, easily scalable, highly available, and tightly secured.  Hosting options available: secure FinanSeer behind your own firewall, in the cloud, or allow us to host it for you.


The job of a Compliance Officer is multifaceted and critical: managing alerts, investigating transactions, and compiling vital information. ComplianSeer eliminates the manual work and aggregates all information into one location, allowing you the ability to act quicker and more efficiently. From onboarding needs to transaction monitoring, case management, and UDAAP alerts, DataSeers is your realtime compliance ally.



Incomplete or inaccurate data lacks the ability to provide clear and usable information.  Varying settlement times, multiple data sources, and fragmented information add a level of complexity to the mix which can only be matched by the power of ReconSeer.  Able to overcome these challenges and provide accurate n-way reconciliation, this powerful engine balances your accounts to-the-penny and moves money automatically with NACHA files.



Fraud never rests.  And now, with FraudSeer, neither do you.  Our algorithms run 24/7 and allow you to stay a step ahead of financial crime.  With DataSeers’ fraud protection, you can identify potentially fraudulent activity, create and maintain watchlists, investigate and report your findings from one location.  Our Machine Learning algorithms build a finely tuned machine that finds suspect behavior fast, giving you peace of mind.



Data is the life blood of any organization.  When properly managed, data analytics can increase revenue, reduce churn, and help grow business. StrataSeer, a multi-dimensional analytics engine, provides customizable and realtime dashboards so you can visualize the What, When, and Where your data provides.  Let our data analytics dashboards help you plan your strategy, understand your clientele, and mitigate risk.



FinanSeer is a fault-tolerant, highly available system right out of the box!  You need never worry about data loss.  If a power supply, hard drive, or even a whole node goes down, built-in redundancy protects your system.


As your business grows, FinanSeer scales automatically with minimal intervention. Additional nodes can be added at any time during the lifecycle of the project.


FinanSeer is PII and PCI compliant with encryption at Rest, authentication, authorization, audit logs, and alerting.


FinanSeer can ingest any data source, in any format, and in real-time or batch. This gives you extreme flexibility when it comes to data handling.


FinanSeer makes use of open source technologies such as HPCC Systems and Elastic Search. This source consolidation of your business units allows us to offer significant cost savings with no compromise on quality.


DataSeers’ purpose-built platform offers minimal customization and short implementation times. Hundreds of built-in reports, rules, and integrations get you up and running in no time!


By utilizing our extensive Big Data experience, we have created modules that provide a uniquely simple solution to the payment industry’s worst data complexity issues.


“Previously, to manage our customer base, we estimated one employee for 500,000 end-user accounts. With FinanSeer, that statistic has improved to five million accounts per employee. Our response time to solving problems flagged by the FinanSeer platform is now so fast we’re now spotting and fixing problems with incoming transactions before our customers do. That wasn’t possible before we started using the FinanSeer appliance, and it’s a key competitive differentiator for us.”

100% Increase prepaid card business
75% Reduction time to onboard new customers
10X Increase in the accounts managed by a single employee