An AI-Powered Solution for Banks and Payments

FinanSeer® by DataSeers® is the first multichannel, AI software for banking and FinTech companies engineered to support onboarding clients, managing money, fighting fraud, maintaining compliance, and marketing to customers.

An Innovative Single System Approach

The global market for prepaid cards is expected to reach 3.6 trillion dollars by  2022. Much of this growth is fueled by the arising need for financial inclusion of unbanked consumers, increasing volumes of online transactions, and the demand for cost-effective payment solutions. While the U.S. is the largest market for these types of cards, Asia is catching up fast. But with such explosive development, comes plenty of challenges.


Oversee compliance aspects such as Anti-Money Laundering and detects anomalies in data via Machine Learning.


Our data analytics dashboards help you plan your strategy, understand your clientele, reduce churn, and mitigate risk.


Allows you to balance your accounts to-the-penny and move money automatically with NACHA files at unprecedented speeds.


From validating data with government sources to document andbiometric to threat detection, IdentitySeer can automate the onboarding process achieving the highest industry standards.


Identify potentially fraudulent activity, create and maintain watchlists, investigate and report your findings from one location.


A hyperscale ACH processing engine capable of detecting unemployment and tax fraud.

Cost Savings

FinanSeer® makes use of advanced technologies allowing for a source consolidation of your business units. This helps us to offer significant cost savings with no compromise on quality.

Purpose-Built Platform

Our AI solution for banking and payments offers minimal customization and short implementation times. Hundreds of built-in reports, rules, and integrations get you up and running in no time!

Industry Expertise

By utilizing our extensive Big Data experience, we have created modules that provide a uniquely simple solution to the payment industry’s worst data complexity issues. Let us help you in Taming the Data Demon®.

Customer Metrics

Billion Transactions

Million Accounts


Trusted by the Industry

“Previously, to manage our customer base, we estimated one employee for 500,000 end-user accounts. With FinanSeer, that statistic has improved to five million accounts per employee. Our response time to solving problems flagged by the FinanSeer platform is now so fast we’re now spotting and fixing problems with incoming transactions before our customers do. That wasn’t possible before we started using the FinanSeer appliance, and it’s a key competitive differentiator for us.”

– Jeff Lewis, SVP Prepaid, Sutton Bank

“Connecting our CPX open API platform to multiple providers to offer our partners choice in all major functions required us to manage and normalize vast amounts of divergent data so we can efficiently perform our function as an issuer. DataSeers’ solution will be an integral to the success of CPX and our objective to empower our partners to focus on user experience and customer acquisition while we provide a leading banking-as-a-service platform.”

-Trent Sorbe, Founder and President of Central Payments

“The DataSeers solution will play an integral role in Republic Bank’s rapidly growing sponsorship and BaaS solutions, and we are excited to start realizing the benefits of all the system has to offer.”

– Cami Cantrell, SVP/Bank Sponsorship Program, Republic Bank of Chicago