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Taming the Data Demon®

DataSeers’ SaaS solution helps manage critical operations such as reconciliation, compliance, fraud detection, onboarding, and analytics. DataSeers sifts through data to organize and identify four distinct areas within fintech, including compliance breaches, fraudulent transactions, improvements in speed and accuracy to reconcile banking transactions, and predictive analytics. This AI-enhanced platform, FinanSeer, helps transform transactional data to provide thorough and actionable intelligence for card and payment services.

What we do

An AI Solution for Banks & Payments

FinanSeer® is an AI-based SaaS Product designed for banking and payment operations.

How we do it


BSA, AML, and
Consumer Compliance

Fraud Detection
and Prevention

Automated Reconciliation to Networks and Settlement

Predictive Analytics
& Management Reporting

Know Your Customer
Know Your Business

Origination API for ODFIs and
File Splitting for RDFIs

Accounts Monitored
Transactions Monitored
Fintech Programs


  • BSA/AML and Consumer compliance modules ensure institutions remain up to date
  • A full suite of automated reconciliation software helps accountants, controllers and CFOs reduce manual workloads while improving accuracy
  • State-of-the-art fraud monitoring protects users from complex fraud scenarios such as account takeover, enumeration attacks, and others.
  • Customer lifecycle analysis illustrates customers’ journey with dashboards powered by machine learning models that help with identifying churn and propensity.
The Account Lifecycle

Manage your customers lifecycle through a single solution

FinanSeer® is an enterprise software solution deployed globally. It cleans, homogenizes, and automates data workflows while increasing operational efficiencies across finance, compliance, fraud and risk, customer support, and marketing. From onboarding to suspicious activity monitoring to regulatory filings – all are accomplished via this single solution.

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Our Innovative Single System Approach


Revolutionizing the Prepaid Card Landscape

Typically, in the industry, it takes hours to reconcile records, but with ReconSeer, millions of records on various platforms can be reconciled within seconds. With that type of speed, clients are able to make smarter decisions faster than ever before. The system is also capable of identifying fraud and compliance issues using Machine Learning (ML) which is built in to the platform.


Increase in prepaid card business​