FinTech With a Purpose

In the past few years, the banking and payments industry has seen a disruptive innovation. Certainly, this trend will continue in the future. Payments have become fast and simple. On the other hand, traditional business functions like reconciliation, compliance, fraud detection, and analytics are still based on old-age technologies. FinanSeer comes to the rescue with an innovative solution. It is a single appliance that ingests data from multiple systems.

FinanSeer Appliance

All your data at your fingertips! This is possible with our state-of-the-art technology. We have hundreds of canned reports, dashboards and are already integrated with numerous data extracts. Send us your raw files and let the appliance do its magic. Raw data do actionable insight in minutes! FinanSeer is a fast, redundant, and secure Big Data Appliance with a built-in visualization engine. This is an appliance behind a bank’s firewall, and we give you full advantage of our hosting abilities.

Machine Learning and AI

It is not a secret that scammers have developed sophisticated technologies and Machine Learning algorithms. They allow them to slip through traditional rule-based systems. Don’t you want to be one step ahead of them? We have a solution for you! Our appliance has Machine Learning algorithms, built-in and created for the payments industry with a focus on prepaid. You can now detect fraud and act quicker than the competition. Additionally, you can even identify undetected fraud.


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Why choose us?

Industry Expertise

Our seers are payments and data experts. Think about it as if two great powers were put together to solve some of the simplest yet most complex problems. This surely gives DataSeers a cutting edge advantage over the competition.

Purpose-built System

DataSeers’ purpose-built platform is designed for minimal customization and short implementation times. Hundreds of built-in reports, rules, and integrations get you up and run within no time!

Cost Savings

FinanSeer makes use of open source technologies such as HPCC Systems and Elastic Search platform. Also, it is a single source of information for all business units. This allows us to offer a lot of cost savings with no compromise on the quality to our customers.

Previously, to manage our customer base, we estimated one employee for 500, 000 end-user accounts. With FinanSeer, that statistic has improved to five million accounts per employee. Our response time to solving problems flagged by the FinanSeer platform is now so fast we’re now spotting and fixing problems with incoming transactions before our customers do. That wasn’t possible before we started using the FinanSeer appliance, and it’s a key competitive differentiator for us.