Taming the Data Demon®

FinanSeer by DataSeers turns your payments data from an expense to an asset and bring together the back-office services of Reconciliation, Compliance, Fraud, and Analytics to create your ideal data partner.

ReconSeer helps you to understand cashflow positions, efficient money management, and automated money movements. 

Whether you are marketing to a customer, understanding their behavior, or identifying churn, our StrataSeer can provide deep visibility into spend patterns and customer insight.

With ComplianSeer, onboard confidently and monitor customers meticulously. From KYC/AML to Human Trafficking, we got you covered.

Govern your data to ensure rich, quality data continuously feeds your platforms.

Fraud is a complex beast and to understand it you need to detect anomalies using proper algorithms that continuously auto train for constant noise reduction.

FinanSeer gives you the ability to connect external data sources to fill in missing information.