multichannel data solution for Banks


Banks have long struggled to tame their Data Demon. With new products, new systems, and technology changing daily, combating the complexity of transactional data requires an advanced, automated, and accurate approach. FinanSeer®, the first multichannel data solution for Banks, provides modules focused on Compliance, Reconciliation, Fraud, and Analytics to keep accounts balanced, compliant with the latest rules, less susceptible to fraud, and able to utilize their data to reduce churn and increase revenue. IdentitySeer provides an onboarding engine, for KYC and KYB, to stop fraudsters before they can start. NACHASeer is a powerful ACH engine, useful for originating, receiving, and splitting ACH transactions and reports.

All-in-one Data Partner

KYC/KYB Onboarding

In addition to premium data analytics via FinanSeer®, DataSeers now offers KYC and KYB for onboarding via IdentitySeer providing the best identity data verification available. With ongoing monitoring available, DataSeers is an all-in-one data partner. FinanSeer® is both secure (PCI and PII compliant) and entirely scalable.


The Power of AI​

FinanSeer® is a multichannel data solution for Banks consolidating the four services of Compliance, Reconciliation, Fraud, and Analytics into one AI-powered data solution. Transaction data collected from all possible sources is cleaned, homogenized, ingested, labeled, augmented, encrypted, and distributed to the “Seer” modules that complete the four data services. By maintaining control of the data throughout each process, FinanSeer® creates a cycle of “Quality In, Quality Out.”

Monitor and report suspicious activities including money laundering using complex behavior-based algorithms combined with traditional rules.

Unfair Deceptive and Abusive Acts or Practices monitoring as part of consumer compliance allows fintechs to monitor for incorrectly charged fees across programs.

Automated workflows to monitor disputes in electronic transitions to ensure the regulations are followed.

Manage complaints with an automated end to end workflow between regulatory bodies, issuers, partners, and programs with the ability to document evidence.

Settlement Reconciliation within the system helps fintech match drawdowns to the specific network activity, ensuring the settlements match.

FinanSeer can easily configure reports to meet the specific needs of networks, which require quarterly reporting.

IdentitySeer can create custom models for CDD risk rating and categorize customers as requiring additional documentation when opening new accounts.

Monitor complex fraudulent activities with sophisticated self-learning algorithms that stay up to date with industry trends.

Onboard customers and businesses in 200+ countries by performing government checks, ID Validation, Watchlists, Sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media with the ability to detect synthetic, manipulated, and stolen identities.

The case management system pulls data from all internal and external systems into a single place for investigating cases.

Ensures that money is moved to the right accounts for the purpose of settlement, mitigating issues associated with sweeps and negative balances.

Calculate revenues of a specific program.

The DataSeers churn models predict behavior that leads to churn and account closure allowing institutions to react before a customer churns.

Proprietary segmentation models allow financial institutions to communicate with different customer groups in different manners and then to analyze the impact of the differentiated campaigns on the various groups/segments separately.

The DataSeers fully automated filing service assists in the regulatory timeliness of reports and investigations – without interruptions.