Taming the Data Demon: DataSeers and the Value of Actionable Data

Data is a vital part of any business in the payments industry. Almost all divisions within a company must deal with data in some capacity, yet many companies lack a uniform, comprehensive approach to data. With faster payments becoming more common, the need for better data handling is even more pronounced, especially for a company’s treasury executive.

Therefore, fintechs are trying to fill this gap by offering products which process, tag, and handle data across the company. One such fintech is DataSeers, a Georgia-based company offering an array of data-centric products.

PaymentsJournal sat down with the DataSeers CEO, Adwait Joshi, to discuss money management, fraud prevention, and a data-centric approach to business. Joining us in the discussion was Tim Sloane, VP of Payments Innovation at Mercator Advisory Group.

Read the entire article and listen to the podcast here: https://www.paymentsjournal.com/taming-the-data-demon-dataseers-and-the-value-of-actionable-data/