DataSeers Presents at Venture Atlanta’18 as One of the Southeast’s Most Promising Tech Companies

DataSeers Presents at Venture Atlanta’18 as One of the Southeast’s Most Promising Tech Companies

DataSeers was named one of the Southeast’s most promising technology companies. The FinTech will present at Venture Atlanta 2018. The event will be on October 16-17.

Launched only a year ago, company has already started catching the eye of the industry with its remarkable product. It has already demonstrated great results.

“Being a part of Venture Atlanta is a huge privilege. It’a a great honor for us to have the chance to showcase our company. We believe that this is a great opportunity to attract more attention,” DataSeers’ founder and CEO Adwait Joshi commented. He will be presenting on stage.  The focus will be on the real problems financial market faces. Joshi will introduce a simple yet cost-effective solution. “Having in mind that our product is truly unique, we hope to gain enough interest for a future investment from the VC community,” Joshi added.

DataSeers is a new generation FinTech start-up based in Metro Atlanta. The company has invented an appliance specifically designed for the financial services industry. FinanSeer is a single appliance that ingests data from multiple systems. It provides a fast, flexible, secure, and cost-effective platform. It assists the business in tasks as trivial as report generation to as complex as scoring transactions and accounts based on different anomaly detection algorithms.

DataSeers’ unique Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms comes in handy in cases of a suspicious behavior. Actually, they help preventing fraud even before it happens. In fact, these algorithms are so accurate that the chance to receive false flags is minimal. In addition, dataSeers’ system not only saves you time and money, but it also helps you to enhance your customers’ experience.

Industry leaders have recognized DataSeers’ huge growing potential. LexisNexis has awarded the company for creating a unique solution in the market space that uses HPCC Technology.

“I cannot mention and thank one of the key individuals who has helped me in this process – Jeff Lewis. He has not only been a mentor for a while, but being also a client, he is able to validate our results”, Joshi says.

From the organizers:

Venture Atlanta, Georgia’s technology innovation event, is where the region’s most promising tech companies meet the country’s top-tier investors. As the South’s largest investor showcase helping launch more than 400 companies and raise over $2.6 billion in funding to date, Venture Atlanta connects local entrepreneurs with local and national venture capitalists, bankers, angel investors and others in the technology ecosystem who can help them raise the capital they need to grow their businesses.

The annual nonprofit event is a collaboration of three leading Georgia business organizations: Atlanta CEO Council, Metro Atlanta Chamber and the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG).

Image: Venture Atlanta

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