Data Lakes: The Future of Data Warehousing?

In this special guest feature, Adwait Joshi, CEO of DataSeers, sees data lakes as a modern take on big data. When you think of a lake, you cannot define its shape and size, nor can you define what lives in it and how. Lakes just form—even if they are man-made, there is still an element of randomness to them and it’s this randomness that helps us in situations where the future is, well, sort of unpredictable. Adwait Joshi is a Chief Seer and an expert on big data analytics. His firm DataSeers provides a big data appliance for banks that uses the concept of a data lake. FinanSeer is a big data appliance that ingests multiple data sources and creates powerful analytics that help drive reconciliation processes, BSA/AML Regulatory Compliance Monitoring, Complex Fraud Detection and a full 360 view on consumer and business data. Go to the article.