Gracie Ortiz

Gracie Ortiz is the OperationSeer at DataSeers, a FinTech firm helping Banks and FinTech’s with Compliance, Fraud, Reconciliation, Onboarding and Data Analytics. Before being named COO, Gracie’s experience was in the regulatory landscape of global onboarding KYC/KYB. Driven by her passion to support the fight against human trafficking, her goal is to help drive change in the way organizations onboard today. Gracie’s commitment towards saving lives extends from her experience in the medical industry where she worked in sales and operations. She was responsible for end-to-end management of sales, growth, strategy and support in multiple markets. Gracie also played key roles in the development of strategic reseller/supplier relationships, ensuring flexibility in response to increasing demand in the market. A strategic initiative she headed up in early 2010, included prevention of global pandemic in epidemic areas through airport PCR swab checks. Gracie completed two years of university before graduating high school and completed her bachelor’s at Florida State and master’s at University of Georgia. Gracie began her career with PricewaterhouseCoopers where she leveraged her education to become an accomplished software engineer. Some of Gracie’s accomplishments include speaking on regulatory landscape for global onboarding and leveraging transactional data to increase operational efficiencies.