Adwait Joshi Bio

Adwait Joshi is the founder and CEO of DataSeers, an award winning FinTech that helps banks and payment companies by “Taming the Data Demon.” His skillful managing of people and resources has driven DataSeers to continue to successfully grow.

Adwait has vast experience in FinTech, which allows him to provide a rich perspective on the industry. He is well versed in big data and analytics at a large scale, using algorithms and techniques to solve the unique challenges of this industry. Organizations that value analytics and business intelligence would benefit from his industrial expertise. When it comes to all things FinTech, Adwait is among the most trusted people to talk to. His depth of knowledge and experience have made him a driving force in the industry. 

Outside of the role as CEO, Adwait Joshi is a standup comedian at heart—something he brings to his employees every day. In addition to his dedication and hard work, Adwait possesses a great sense of humor and provides an entertaining atmosphere around the office. With three years of improv under his belt, Adwait knows how to be quick on his feet and deliver a joke that makes everyone laugh. A unique combination of culture and comedy is what fuels Adwait. He can adapt quickly to any setting whether he needs to tailor a joke for an audience or deliver a presentation in front of hundreds. Adwait states that if he can make someone laugh in the first minute of a meeting, a connection can be made. This unique ability has opened his network, making him someone everyone wants to get to know. He also has 30 years of being a musician, performing his first show at only five years old. He now runs SwarGanga, an Indian music foundation which promotes North Indian Classical music. This organization has grown to be the largest resource for Indian Music on the entire Internet. Under his leadership, SwarGanga has created a strong platform with 40,000 registered members from 140 countries. Adwait enjoys being able to be a part of the music community and supports many young and upcoming artists in the field of North Indian Classical music, bringing together a community of creative music lovers.

As CEO, Adwait is a creative, daring, and powerful leader. Having a bold leadership approach, Adwait has been able to create a culture that promotes creativity and innovation in all segments of the business. This has resulted in significant growth across all offerings. His extensive experience in big data and analytics combined with his charismatic personality makes Adwait an extraordinary source of wisdom and insight for those in the FinTech industry. Under his leadership, DataSeers has accumulated various awards in just five years, many recognizing his solution as one of mass innovation. 

Adwait received the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce Community Award for his dedication to helping others. Adwait is also a board member of Tech Alpharetta, the business incubator from where the DataSeers story began. Adwait Joshi was also one of the ETA 40 Under 40 in 2020.