The DataSeers platform, FinanSeer, is a single appliance that ingests structured and unstructured data from multiple systems. It consists of various functional modules called Seers. They work in parallel, and each of them performs specific tasks. They could be as trivial as report generation to as complex as scoring transactions and accounts based on different anomaly detection algorithms.

The DataSeers appliance can sit behind your firewall, our firewall or the run-in cloud.

When we say we are flexible, we mean it!







ReconSeer performs an accurate and fast n-way reconciliation between bank accounts, processor data, and network data. A query and rule-based engine that oversees reconciliation of cards and accounts at unprecedented speeds.


ComplianSeer oversees all aspects of compliance. It also manages program and product compliance based on velocity and program rules. The ComplianSeer data is available as pre-built dashboards as well as downloadable reports via SeerPortal.


FraudSeer is a hybrid Machine Learning and rule-based engine that detects anomalies in transactions. With proprietary algorithms and learning techniques, we are able to spot undetected fraud and predict fraudulent behavior before it happens.


StrataSeer is a predictive engine for analytics. This extremely flexible engine allows you to customize dashboards and reports to your choosing. With a single place to look at, you can have information at your fingertips every time you need it.

How FinanSeer Works

Scalable »

As your business grows, FinanSeer scales automatically with minimal intervention. Additional nodes can be added at any time during the lifecycle of the project.

Flexible »

FinanSeer can ingest any data source in any format in real-time or batch. This gives you extreme flexibility when it comes to data handling.

Available »

FinanSeer is a fault tolerant and highly available system right out of the box. You don’t have to worry if a power supply, hard drive or a whole node goes down.


FinanSeer is PII and PCI compliant with encryption at rest, authentication, authorization, audit reports, and alerting.

Mercator White Paper
Mercator White Paper
Return on Investment 
Return on Investment


Previously, to manage our customer base, we estimated one employee for 500, 000 end-user accounts. With FinanSeer, that statistic has improved to five million accounts per employee. Our response time to solving problems flagged by the FinanSeer platform is now so fast we’re now spotting and fixing problems with incoming transactions before our customers do. That wasn’t possible before we started using the FinanSeerappliance, and it’s a key competitive differentiator for us.
Jeff Lewis