FinanSeer® - Fast, Accurate, Complete

Trustworthy Data Starts With End-to-End Reconciliation

Incomplete or inaccurate data lacks the ability to provide clear and usable information. Varying settlement times, multiple data sources, and fragmented information add a level of complexity to the mix which can only be matched by the power of ReconSeer. Able to overcome these challenges and provide accurate n-way reconciliation, this powerful reconciliation software for banks and payments balances your accounts to-the-penny and moves money automatically with NACHA files.

Monitor Every Penny

You are in the payments industry. Monitoring the movement of every penny from start to finish is vital for you.  It defines your reliability as a facilitator of payments – regardless of your subindustry: bank, credit union, fintech.  But with ReconSeer, the task is seamless. You never have to worry. Our engine ensures that your data is accurate and that your records align with your balances.

Reconcile Fast & Accurate

DataSeers’ product, ReconSeer, has been responsible for reconciling over $50 billion in payments spanning across several billion transactions (as of 2020). Our fast, accurate, and easy to use solution is powering some of the largest money movers in the world.  You can expect from ReconSeer the industry’s highest level of to-the-penny reconciliation.  Never, ever miss a cent.

Tame Your Data Demon

Additionally, as part of the DataSeers FinanSeer® product, you can rely on ReconSeer to provide you with Settlement Reconciliation, Revenue Calculation, Visa QOC and Mastercard QMR Reporting, and ACH Origination, Processing and Money Movement. All these in addition to the services listed below. Let us help you in Taming the Data Demon® – fast, securely, and accurately.

Minding the Money

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Reports/Dashboards
  • Automated Money Movements With NACHA Files
  • Billing and Financial Reports (BAI2 Files)
  • 3-Way Reconciliation – Network vs. Processor vs. Core Bank
  • Roll Forward – To Balance Programs and Accounts
  • Account Exception Reports