Realtime Compliance

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Whether you are a bank, a credit union, or a fintech, compliance monitoring is compulsory. Regulatory bodies are expecting you to protect your customers with every means necessary.  Compliance violations from these organizations can ruin not only your bottom line, but your reputation as well.  Do not risk your money or your name.

Realtime Compliance for Banks and Payments

We've Got You Covered!

The job of a Compliance Officer is multifaceted and critical: managing alerts, investigating transactions, and compiling vital information. ComplianSeer offers realtime compliance for Banking and payments. It eliminates the manual work and aggregates all information into one location, allowing you the ability to act quicker and more efficiently. From onboarding needs to transaction monitoring, case management, and UDAAP alerts, DataSeers is your compliance ally.

UDAAP Monitoring
FINCEN Reporting

Your Data Sent Directly to FinCEN

DataSeers’ direct-from-platform SARs filing allows you to send your gathered case data straight to FinCEN, bypassing cumbersome downloads and government websites; bringing full circle the all-in-one nature of this unique platform.  The ComplianSeer engine is a BSA/AML analyst’s Dream-Come-True.  In combination with the incredibly user-friendly SeerPortal, never again will your analysts bounce from provider to provider for flagged issues, investigation notes, case compilations, and analytics dashboards.  With everything in one place and being constantly synced to the ever-changing governmental regulatory bodies, this system is a must-have!