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Extensive Analytics Keeps Your Business Ahead of the Curve

Data is the life blood of any organization. When properly managed, data analytics can increase revenue, reduce churn, and help grow business. StrataSeer, a multi-dimensional analytics engine, provides customizable and real time dashboards so you can visualize the What, When, and Where your data provides.  Let our data analytics dashboards help you plan your strategy, understand your clientele, and mitigate risk.

Realtime Dashboards

Reports are great, but visualizations are the best way to communicate a point quickly and easily.

StrataSeer will provide you with countless dashboard visualizations that reflect gathered and sorted data from the three other engines: ReconSeer, ComplianSeer, and FraudSeer. View details on locations, patterns, activity, and more!  Your dash is completely customizable, allowing you to organize and control the information at hand. Use this information to make the best and most informed decisions possible for your payments company.


When data is combined into one place, we can look at the consumer from a single system. How did they onboard, where they spent their money, did they have multiple accounts? FinanSeer connects all these dots and gives you a consolidated view of the consumer.

Holistic, Single Pane-of-Glass View


With hundreds of prebuild visualization and dashboards, your executives will have a direct view into what’s happening on the platform. Our system offers an intuitive interface that can have your custom dashboards up and running in no time.

Customizable, Prebuilt Dashboards


When law enforcement calls asking for information on an individual, analysts often find it difficult to extract information from databases. With our easy to use bulk extract and ad hoc reporting functionality, you find and export information in a quick efficient way.

Bulk Extraction and Ad Hoc Reporting


Have you ever wondered that there was a google search to your data? Well now there is! Integrated within FinanSeer is the ability to use search functions to search billions of records within a matter of seconds! Finding a needle in a haystack has never been easier.

Extensive Data Search Tools