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Level-Up Your Fraud Prevention With AI-Powered FinanSeer®

Fraud never rests, but neither does FraudSeer. Our algorithms run 24/7 and allow you to stay a step ahead of financial crime.  With DataSeers’ financial fraud detection software, you can identify potentially fraudulent activity, create and maintain watchlists, investigate and report your findings from one location.  Our Machine Learning algorithms build a finely tuned machine that finds suspect behavior fast, giving you peace of mind.

What You Will Get

Anomaly Detection

Merchandise Return Fraud

Stolen Identity Fraud

Unusual Activity

Comprehensive Watchlisting

Prepaid issuers, in particular, need to maintain vigilance due to the nature of these cards.

Loadable cards carry a heavier risk for trafficking and money laundering.  Criminals have been taking advantage of the less stringent onboarding process of these kinds of cards by manipulating applications, stealing existing and creating new identities, and using that anonymity to commit fraud.  It’s happening every day on payment platforms worldwide.

In-line fraud providers are great, but they just are not enough to keep you protected.

They make split-second decisions at the moment of transaction.  Fraud slips through the cracks. An out-of-line provider like FraudSeer, a powerful financial fraud detection software, acts as a safety net, catching what your in-line provider missed, safe you unprecedented sums of money every year. Every payments provider should be utilizing an engine like this!