An Artificially Intelligent Platform for Banking and Payments

FinanSeer® is an AI Platform for Banking and Payments designed to ingest your payments data (both structured and unstructured) from any source, at any volume, and any velocity. Made up of four powerful modules known as “Seers” working in parallel, this platform has all of your payments data needs covered! Everything from the daily generation of reports to the complex task of scoring transactions and accounts based on different anomaly detection algorithms, they do it all! FinanSeer® is fundamentally flexible, easily scalable, highly available, and tightly secured. Hosting options available: secure FinanSeer® behind your own firewall, in the cloud, or allow us to host it for you. Unlock new possibilities with the power of AI. 

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FinanSeer® is a fault-tolerant, highly available system right out of the box! If a power supply, hard drive, or even a whole node goes down, built-in redundancy protects your system.

FinanSeer® is an AI solution that can ingest any data source, in any format, and in real-time or batch. This gives you extreme flexibility when it comes to handling your transactional data.

FinanSeer® is PII and PCI compliant with encryption at Rest, authentication, authorization, audit logs, and alerting.

As your business grows, FinanSeer scales automatically with minimal intervention. Additional nodes can be added at any time during the lifecycle of the project.


ReconSeer ensures the accuracy of your data by using a rule-based engine to oversee the reconciliation of cards and accounts at unprecedented speeds. Be secure in the fact that the data you analyze is clean. Get the advantages of to-the-penny reconciliation. 

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ComplianSeer keeps your platform compliant. It is a highly customizable compliance engine capable of rule-based and behavior-based monitoring. ComplianSeer oversees compliance aspects such as BSA/AML and detects anomalies in data via Machine Learning.

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FraudSeers is a hybrid ML and rule-based engine that detects anomalies in transactions and predicts fraud​. FraudSeer’s algorithms can identify patterns associated risk and financial crime. Identify and prevent fraud, money laundering, and human and drug trafficking.

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StrataSeers is a predictive engine for analytics and traditional reporting. It provides visual panels and traditional reporting. StrataSeer is your go-to for hundreds of pre-built reports and completely customizable dashboards.  All data in StrataSeer is fully searchable.

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