Solution for FinTech


FinanSeer® is the first all-in-one data management solution for FinTech. It is designed to scale with you. 

As your business grows, we’ll expand to fit your needs.

Do You Need a Reliable Data Management?

If properly managed, your data will be your greatest asset. It will shape your decisions and protect your value. But as a new business, you need your mind to be on your customer service, sales efforts, and fundraising, not on your data trustworthiness. Our AI-driven all-in-one data solution for FinTech was designed to take that weight off your shoulders.

Are you In Need of a Trusted Data Partner?

The DataSeers FinanSeer® solution works as your all-in-one data partner. It performs all your back-office payments data needs, depositing your analytical data into one location. It works hard so that you don’t have to. Why waste your time and limited funds on multiple, poorly integrated vendors, when you can get it all in one trusted source?

How We Can Help Your FinTech Thrive

Whether you are a remittance company, an e-wallet with a loadable card, or any number of other ingenious FinTechs within the payments industry, DataSeers is your perfect data partner. The FinanSeer® platform offers fast and reliable data management for FinTech companies. It reconciles your data, preforms round-the-clock compliance and fraud checks, and provides a holistic view of your data analytics.

Transaction Monitoring & Case Management
To-The-Penny Reconciliation
Better Money Management 
Increased Employee Efficiency  
Vendor Consolidation 
Fast 360° Analytics
Out-of-Line Fraud Detection
KYC Onboarding 
Complete Compliance Monitoring
Data Repository 
Easy Integrations with Third Parties